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About Us

Flexco Singapore (Pte Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flexco USA, with over 100 years in manufacturing conveyor belt accessories solutions from start to finish conveying system.  We believe in maximising belt conveyor productivity for our customers through superior service and innovation within Southeast Asia (ASEAN), East Asia including Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea and recently added region for Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Flexco has a total of 9 subsidiaries offices that supports customers worldwide. Our team in Singapore comprises of customer service, sales, technical application specialists, brand & marketing.  We also have local team in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Pakistan to provide real-time support closer to our valued customers and distributors within this growing region.

To cater and reach out to more Southeast Asia countries, Flexco Singapore (Pte Ltd) sets up an online store for specific products that relates to belt preparation and join your belt solutions including the new product kits for end users who have not used mechanical belt fasteners and always vulcanised or used hot/cold joint methods to repair or join their conveyor belt.

Flexco fasteners includes the one time joint Alligator Quick Fix™ kit with simple installation tool, our signature Flexco Bolt Solid Plate fasteners and the SR Rivet Hinged fastener kit to give better access and convenience to conveyor belt joint shops, maintenance companies servicing various industries including:

  • Package and Parcel Handling
  • Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)
  • Wood Processing
  • Food and agricultural processing (End of line processing)

These will also be convenient for customers who are:

  • new to mechanical belt fasteners strength and efficiency
  • needs to repair conveyor belt quickly, reducing downtime
  • only needs to join belt once or twice a year 
  • at remote areas across Southeast Asia region