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Shipping Information

We use both local / International carriers to deliver your packages, upon delivery, the carrier will require a valid signature on delivery, and it will be the buyer's responsibility to be available to accept the delivery.

Our couriers operate between 08:00 ~ 22:00 Monday to Saturday (Public Holidays other than Sunday from 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs (only enquiries, no pick-ups or deliveries). In order to prevent fraud, we do reserve the right to deliver the goods to the address to which your credit card is registered.

You are strongly advised to make sure that correct numbers of boxes are being delivered, before signing delivery documents. If the products are damaged or incomplete on delivery you must note this on carriers' delivery sheet immediately and notify us within 3 days in writing, by email.

Local / Singapore orders

The standard delivery for your goods will be 2-3 business day, noting that your order is received, verified & payment is authorized before 13:00 (SG).

Orders placed after the above Cut-off time or on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday will be processed & despatched on the next available business day in Singapore.

International orders

We aim to deliver your goods within 4-7 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) for FedEx Economy service and 10 working days for rural and remote areas subject to custom clearance (as designated by FedEx).

Any date or periods provided for delivery are based on estimation only. The Company shall not be liable for any special consequential or indirect loss or damages (including but without limitations any loss or in respect of profit or wages or overheads) suffered by the buyer as a result of any delay in or failure of delivery.

If your address is difficult to find, rural and remote areas, please indicate your comments in the "Additional Comments / Notes" box before you click on check-out option screen.  Once orders are processed, and goods have been dispatched, we will email the shipment confirmation with tracking numbers.

International Shipping Rates:

Method                     Transit Time                              Cost           

Standard                   3-7 days                                    Refer to e-store rates

Order Fulfilment:

Orders are processed through our system one time per day by 15:00 (SG). All orders placed thereafter will be processed the next business day. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for your order to be fulfilled and shipped. Please allow an additional 2 business days for public holidays fulfilment.

Delivery / Shipping Cost / Fuel Surcharge:

Local / Singapore Orders

Packaging & Handling charge inclusive of 7% GST will be added to all orders.

International Orders

Packaging & Handling charge excluding 7% GST will be added to all international orders. Flexco reserves the right to assess fuel and other surcharges* on shipments without notice and charge back to your credit card or upon delivery of goods. The amount and duration of any such surcharges will be determined at our sole discretion. By tendering your shipments to our assigned courier service provider - FedEx, you agree to pay the surcharges, as determined by FedEx.

 *Out of Delivery/Pick-up Area Surcharge

FedEx Express international shipments delivered to or picked up from remote and less-accessible locations are charged an out-of-delivery-area or out-of-pickup-area surcharge.

Delivery / Shipping Cost / Fuel Surcharge:

International Orders

*Non-Stackable Surcharge 
A surcharge applies to any piece, skid, or pallet of a freight shipment that is non-stackable, which means the piece, skid, or pallet cannot be stacked vertically in a safe and secure manner. A pallet or skid is defined as non-stackable if the customer has designated it as such with a sticker, if it has cones or hats on the top, or if it has an obtuse shape.

Shipping Carrier:

Local / Singapore Orders

Orders placed within Singapore will be either with an option of self-collect from our warehouse or deliver via Flexco appointed Courier Company. We do not ship to a PO box address.

International Orders

All International orders with Standard Economy service will ship via FedEx depending on total weight and zip code. We do not ship to a PO box address. If we experience high volume for a promotion or holiday, please allow an additional 2 business days for fulfilment.

Defective Items

If you receive a defective product, please email us at sgpesales@flexco.com for further assistance.  If the packaging is dented but the product is not damaged or broken, we will not issue any replacement.  If the product is damaged or broken due during shipping period, we arrange for one to one exchange.

Delivery Cost for Defective Items

If you are returning an item because of an error on our part or because it is defective, we will make arrangements to collect the item or request you to return the item to us.

To return your product, you should wait for email confirmation from Flexco Singapore (Pte Ltd). Mailing address at 240 Macpherson Road, Unit #02-01 Singapore 348574. Please do not ship back directly without email confirmation. We will not be liable for non-email confirmation return product instructions. 


Please note that business days do NOT include the weekend or national holidays.

Please note that all shipping costs are non-refundable

Shipping FAQs:

  • International orders comes with FedEx tracking numbers have 12 digits and can be tracked at www.fedex.com/tracking (eg:. 1234-5678-9012)
  • Local / Singapore orders comes with a tracking number and can be tracked at given tracking link (eg:  URL / 12545678)

How do we determine shipping method?

The shipping method is determined by the weight of the package.  In the event if volumetric is heavier than actual weight for bulky packaging (eg: palletised), it will be determined by volumetric weight.  All International orders will be shipped via FedEx.  This applies the same to local orders delivering within Singapore.

How do I know my package has shipped?

Local / Singapore orders

Once orders are processed, tracking numbers are automatically emailed in the shipment confirmation when labels are printed and will be associated with the package. When the tracking number is tracked online, you can see the current transit status for the package.  All orders placed on Friday before 13:00 (SG) will be picked by Courier Company on following week business day. Each business day cut off time will be before 15:00 (SG) and will be delivered next 2-3 business days (Monday – Friday).   

International orders

Once orders are processed, tracking numbers are automatically emailed in the shipment confirmation when labels are printed and will be associated with the package. When the tracking number is tracked online, you can see the current transit status for the package.

There are 3 main tracking statuses: Label created, In-transit, Delivered.
If the status is “label created” – (FedEx), it means a label has been created for your order but it has not yet been picked up / shipped.

During special promotions and holidays, it can take an extra day or two until ready for pickup as our Order Fulfilment policy allows for one to two business days. All orders placed on Friday before 13:00 (SG) will be processed and carrier pick up 01 time at the end of each business day before 15:00 (SG). The status will be updated to “In Transit” once the package has been scanned into the carrier's system after pick up.

It will continue to show “In Transit” throughout the entire journey to the final destination where the last scan updates the status to “Delivered”.

What does this delivery notification mean?

Incorrect Address: There may be a misspelling, missing information, or the apartment/ suite number is incorrect. Once the address has been corrected, the carrier will re-attempt delivery the next business day. When there is an exception for “unable to deliver, returned to shipper”, this signifies that the carrier was unable to correct the address, and that the package will come back to us. Once we receive the package back, we will contact you to confirm the correct address

Customer not available or business closed: Delivery was attempted but the final destination was closed or the recipient was unavailable. The carrier will attempt delivery the next business day.

What do I do if my package does not get to me by the estimated delivery date?

Carriers often provide an estimated delivery date to show when a package is projected for delivery. These estimates often change depending on current weather or road conditions, need to correct address, or high volume during holidays. At this point, it is the responsibility of the carrier to uphold their transit times. Please make sure to check the tracking number often to ensure that it is making progress.

Tracking shows that my package has been delivered, but I did not receive it.

If your tracking number shows that the package has been delivered but you have not received it, please call and check with the carrier.

Sometimes carriers may leave packages in places where they think they will be safest (behind a side gate, etc).

Inclement Weather Conditions

If your area is experiencing any harsh storms or severe temperatures please be aware of possible occurrences you may experience. Our shipping carriers can have delays in those immediate areas due to flight delays and/or truck breakdowns or stalls. This can happen to both ground shipping and expedited shipping. You may see your tracking information reflect these delays. In these cases, we must ask that you remain patient while the local teams work to get your package to you. If it has been over 2 weeks past the ship date, please inquire with us for further information.

Severe temperatures can cause changes in our products, material is steel in this case may be corroded. Please use caution if you've noticed this happen to your items. If you receive your items damaged, please contact us for further assistance. If the packaging is dented but the product is not damaged or broken, please note that we will not issue any replacement.

Occasionally carriers make mistakes, and may deliver to the wrong location (ie. down the street, next door, etc.). If this happens, or you're still not able to locate your package, please contact us at sgpesales@flexco.com or +65 6484 1533.